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Since 1982

Palmerston Hotels & Resorts is a member of the CCA Group, one of the leading international companies engaged in the development and operation of prestigious private clubs, resorts and real estate projects in Asia and Europe. Founded in 1982 by Dieter R. Klostermann, CCA’s current Chairman and CEO, the Group has sold more than 70,000 club memberships and has raised over US$800 million in membership funds and over US$600 million in real estate sales. The Group, through its global club network, “International Associate Clubs” has involvement in over 250 exclusive clubs worldwide. CCA projects include city business clubs, city athletic clubs, country clubs, golf and country clubs, health spas and resort clubs.

  • Palmerston offers a wide range of professional services to hotel and club projects including Real Estate development. Its experienced team of corporate executives are based at regional offices located in London, Berlin and Hong Kong.
  • Drawing on a strong background in the development, marketing and management of prestigious private clubs and boutique hotels, Palmerston provides its services and brand identification to third party developers and investors who share their passion for quality standards, unique development concepts and a superior financial return. Being an owner and active developer of private clubs and real estate projects, the Group clearly understands the needs of investors and developers.

Palmerston offers over 30 years of development and managerial experience

and has a wide range of industry partners such as Architects, Interior Designers,

Master Planners and golf architects in the hospitality industry.

Its operational experience and knowledge spans Asia and Europe.

Its development and operational strength is based on the understanding of local culture, lifestyle,

business needs and a proven track record of adaptability to the local business environment,

whilst maintaining the highest quality standards.