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Palmerston Hotels & Resorts has a vision to apply its rich experience in the hospitality industry, to create an outstanding product which combines the values or virtues of a prestigious private membership club, a luxury boutique hotel and exclusive private residences – the Palmerston Club & Residences.

The Company’s mission is to offer its services to investors and developers who are faced with the difficult economics of applying a standardized development model for their hotel and/or luxury apartment projects, and to arrive at a flexible and more profitable solution.

The development concept also offers a ‘distinguishable’ hotel service to discerning international travellers who are no longer satisfied with chain hotel operations targeting the mass market. The Company’s mission is to provide sophisticated, exclusive and secured secured accommodations in a club environment to the privileged few.

As the name suggests, a private membership club will be one of the key components of a Palmerston Club & Residences project, and the Company undertakes to build it into a sustainable venture, not only for its recurring profit, but also establishing it as an ‘institution’ of the local community.

The Development Concept

Palmerston Club & Residences combines a private members club, a luxury boutique hotel and exclusive homes, all rolled into one property. Its underlying concept is the regeneration of a fine tradition – Club Residences.

Traditional members-only private clubs conjure up the image of upper class, social status, exclusiveness, money and power. But in its history, clubs were in effect ‘second homes’ where members could relax, mix with their peers, entertain friends, and in some cases stay overnight.

In today’s context, combining a private club and a boutique hotel makes a lot of commercial sense, since like-minded people with a similar social background would be at ease being together in the same club environment. Extending the services of a fine private club to the homes of those who are looking for a luxury urban lifestyle would benefit the developer (reduced initial investment in building infrastructures), the consumer (enjoyment of an ‘Effortless Luxury Living’) and the operator (increased revenue, synergy and efficiency in operations).

Combined usage of common amenities – restaurants, meeting rooms and banquet facilities, gym and spa, not only lowers initial construction costs substantially, it also reduces the costs for securing various income streams allowing for higher operating profits.

Application of the concept to real estate development also provides the distinct advantage of shortened payback period on investment, when luxury apartments are disposed of at a premium before a project is completed.

Recurring income streams, including rental of commercial retail space; club membership sales; hotel accommodation revenue; restaurants and bar income; meeting rooms rental; banquets and events revenue; and charges for spa and fitness usage will further enhance the investor’s return.

Typical Area Programming

The distinct professional background and rich industry experience of the principals and staff of Palmerston would allow for flexibility in planning and programming of each individual project.

Their past experience in urban renewal projects involving revitalization of historical buildings helps the Palmerston team understand the importance of planning for limited space by maximising its usage.

For illustration purpose, the sample space program of a 10,000 square meter net internal area project is shown as follows:

The proposed development volume of the property will accommodate approximately:

  • 50 guest rooms in a boutique hotel, average bedroom size 40 m²
  • 40 spacious luxury residences / suites, average residence / suite size 125 m²
Club Area
Hotel Area
Residences Area
Back-of-the-house Area and Circulation
Net internal Areas

Membership Benefits

  • Preferred right to acquire Club Residence
  • Full Privileges at all club and hotel facilities
  • Preferential Member Rates for hotel
  • Free gym and pool use
  • Weekly events (guest speakers, business forums, dinner or lunch events, con certs etc.)
  • Membership with global club network of IAC

The Club component

The Private Members Club within the Palmerston Club & Residences will create an exclusive dining and elite club environment. It will offer members and guests the highest quality of service and first class business facilities in the most refined surroundings. This will be a place to mix business with pleasure or simply relax and unwind.

Members will be entitled to access the International Associate Clubs (IAC), a network of 250 Private Clubs worldwide. Over 330,000 members of the IAC Clubs would also provide an additional visitor source to generate extra revenue and exposure for the property.

A vigorous and targeted membership campaign supported by an influential and powerful Club Advisory Board who will issue invitations for Founder Membership of the Club to be launched twelve months prior to opening.

The Club’s positioning is critical and will be achieved through a very focused and well-coordinated PR campaign primarily through editorials in major publications and international business and social media.


Comfortable and well-appointed club spaces accessible to hotel guests as “Temporary Members”. Elegant and timeless décor by the most accomplished architects and designers. Hotel services will deploy the latest technology, complemented by high-touch personalised services of traditional European deluxe hotels, achieving both performance and high customer satisfaction.

Integrated Marketing

Heavy emphasis is placed on creating customer loyalty. The Club service concept is extended to the hotel & residences where every guest is treated as a member. A comprehensive marketing and sales plan is prepared, utilizing all market intelligence to provide the basis for a cohesive marketing, public relations and sales plan, covering all elements of the property from real estate, to rooms and private club memberships.

The Club Residences

The luxury apartments are fully furnished. They will have a modern and contemporary feel, exuding sophistication
that provides every conceivable comfort in a high security environment.

Combined Amenities

The Palmerston Club & Residences will offer the following:

  • Signature Restaurant
  • Club lounge
  • Members bar
  • Lifestyle program with spa and gym
  • Medical specialists and personal trainer available to club members
  • Indoor pool
  • Board / meeting rooms
  • Library
  • Business Centre and private office space
  • 24-hrs concierge service
  • Regular club events
  • Personal secure storage
  • Cigar lounge
  • Wine tasting room

The Palmerston Advantage

One Experienced Advisor, One Management Company, One Superior Service Concept.

Palmerston is not an ordinary Management Company. It invests time to carefully listen and understand the vision and needs of its partners, the Developer and the Investor. It provides expert advice on the optimum configuration of the development, which results in a tailored product with superior amenities and services.

Palmerston believes in providing a fully comprehensive development and management service under one roof to maximise efficiency during the development phase and to underpin the sales of memberships and real estate by providing comfort and confidence in the investment made by members and the real estate buyers.

The Palmerston team provides a turn-key solution for all aspects of the development process – initial concept planning and design; project management support; pre-opening technical services; selling of club memberships and real estate, management of the hotel, the club, residences and all related facilities under a long-term management contract at industry standard professional fees.