International Associate Clubs IAC

Palmerston Hotels & Resorts is affiliated with the IAC network. IAC is a member of the CCA group and was conceived over twenty five years ago. Today IAC has a global network of more than 250 clubs. The list of IAC network clubs is growing every year, benefiting partner clubs and members alike. IAC members are potential guests at Palmerston properties.

IAC network clubs are located in over 40 countries and offer a wide range of amenities including more than 45 golf courses, over 80 clubs with athletic and/or sports facilities and many prestigious venues suitable for business conferences or entertainment in key cities worldwide. When travelling, members simply log on to the IAC website to view details of available facilities at their destination. Members just turn up at any of the network clubs, show their IAC membership card and enjoy the welcome reserved for valued members. IAC members benefit from visitor privileges to all IAC clubs located outside of a 200 kilometre radius from their home club.