Management Services


Palmerston will provide services to Owners and Developers as part of the Management Contract, in five key areas:

1. Concept development, planning and formulation of the site usage plan

The Palmerston team works closely with architects, designers, project managers and development specialists providing management solutions in all areas of development designed for maximum efficiency and profitability giving the project a real competitive edge.

2. Technical advice & coordination

Following the critical stages covered in the areas outlined above, the Palmerston Technical Team will work with the appointed architects, designers and consultants to provide the essential input, ensure the design concept is followed and the finished product is efficient and functional with high quality standards. In effect, Palmerston will be an essential interface between the owner/developer and the contractors.

  • Attend design development meetings.
  • Signing off and approvals of drawins and design.
  • Coordinate consultants, suppliers and contractors.
  • Development Programme monitoring.
  • Work closely with the Project Manager on programming and scheduling issues.

3. Pre-Opening Management

The critical pre-opening period covers the set up of the business in preparation for full time operations. This stage normally commences between 12 and 24 months prior to the official opening. During this period Palmerston will provide the following:

  • Develop all operating concepts and systems.
  • Formulate real estate sales and marketing objectives and strategies.
  • Establish operational and capital budgets.
  • Design and develop collaterals and brochures.
  • Establish pro-forma income projections.
  • Set up administration and accounting procedures.
  • Determine manpower requirements, recruit and train the operating team.
  • Coordinate procurement of all furniture, operating equipment and supplies.

4. On-Going Management / Management Contract

After the official opening of the project, Palmerston assumes the role of manager, handling all aspects of marketing and operations on behalf of the owner, including building management services where required.

A Palmerston Management Contract also facilitates a license agreement with International Associate Clubs (IAC). This network of over 220 private clubs provides the club members and real estate purchasers access to some of the most attractive resort destinations, golf and city clubs around the world.

5. Membership Sales & Marketing Strategy

Where appropriate, Palmerston will establish a private club concept within the development.

The sale of memberships is a critical part of the development program. Palmerston's experience of selling private club memberships is unquestionable. The Company works with the Owner to develop the club's membership sales and marketing plan including the mission which sets out the target market, profile and style of membership as well as the sales plan and budget.

Palmerston takes charge as the exclusive marketing and sales agent for the Club, which includes the following services:

  • Establish categories of membership and recommend pricing policies and monthly dues.
  • Outline criteria for rights of membership, by-laws, application forms, transfer forms, house rules, and all other necessary documents.
  • Set staffing and renumeration levels of membership sales staff.
  • Appoint and train all membership sales staff.
  • Set up membership administration and marketing reporting systems.
  • Manage the activities of the club sales staff.
  • Establish requirements for computer systems and software programs to monitor membership prospecting, sales and enrolments.
  • Prepare annual membership marketing plan and fix matriculation targets and pricing.

6. Real-Estate Sales and Marketing

The local and international real estate sales operation is a critical part of the development program. Palmerston works with the owners to develop the sales and marketing plan which sets out the target market and profile of prospective buyers and guests.

Palmerston will take charge of the following:

  • Market analysis to identify customer requirements.
  • Developing the direct marketing program and negotiate alliances with brokers and agents.
  • Establish target groups of prospective investors and recommend pricing policies and annual charges.
  • Coordinate drafting of by-laws, club rules, application forms and all other necessary real estate documents.
  • Appoint and train all marketing and sales staff.
  • Monitor sales strategies and marketing reporting systems.