Management Services

Palmerston Consulting

Given the directors' combined operating knowledge of over 200 years with bottom-line responsibility and hands-on experience allow the clients of Palmerston Consulting ("PC") to gain an in depth understanding of the potential opportunities and issues for their individual projects.

PC is active in Asia and Europe, performing financial and market studies involving clubs, hotels, resorts, restaurants, golf courses, and a variety of mixed-use developments.

PC provides advice to its clients; the most common of which include:-

  • Asset Management
  • Real Estate Appraisals
  • Financial Feasibility Studies
  • Selection of Master Planners, Architects and Designers
  • Golf Club/Resort Development Services

Asset Management

PC provide this service for property owners and financial institutions for those properties, which need to be restructured or have become a distressed asset.

When engaged, PC can perform the following tasks.

Property Disposition

Beginning with the evaluation of a possible sale and continuing with the required due diligence all the way through addressing potential financing issues, PC will advise its clients through the entire process.


Beginning with evaluating the appropriate debt structure, managing the loan application process, analyzing different lender financing alternatives, term sheet negotiation including alternatives and recommendation, overseeing lender due diligence and requests for information through loan closing, PC ensures that its clients are well informed from the beginning through to the closing.


PC will prepare the monthly property performance reports and where required necessary recommendations. In addition, the annual business plan will be custom made to the owner's needs.

Capital Expenditure Planning

PC can create a capital expenditure plan, reserves, oversight, and management system to ensure the long-term viability.

During the time the above activities are taking place, PC will manage the day-to-day business of the asset if so required.

Real Estate Appraisals

The combination of operating experience covering hotels, resorts, private clubs, golf developments and real estate expertise ensures that the appraisals that PC undertakes account for every factor that affects value with each report tailored to client needs.

Using the financial projections provided for the project, PC will evaluate the project using the income method, the sales comparison method and the replacement cost method, whichever one is the most relevant to determine the value of the real estate.

Financial Feasibility Studies

The single most important item that any developer or real estate firm undertakes is the evaluation of the market and financial feasibility of a hotel, resort, or golf course prior to making a major financial commitment.

Since PC's principals have been owners, investors and operators themselves they know that accurate analysis, whether for a new project, the renovation or repositioning of an existing asset, or the purchase of an operating property is essential to the long term success of any project.

Our studies are always tailor-made and incorporate an area review, a site analysis, supply and demand analysis, positioning, financial projections and recommendations for the client.

Selection of Master Planners, Architects and Designers

Once a decision has been made to proceed with a project, PC can assist the developer with the critical selection of planners, architects and designers. With its corporate affiliates experience developing its own properties over the past three decades, PC understands how important it is to put the right team together that can conceptualize and plan the development.

Golf Club/Resort Development Services

Developing a golf club and/or resort development business takes a very unique skill set given the economics are very different from other types of hospitality developments and is one that most developers do not completely understand. This is where PC, through its affiliated company Palmerston Golf Inc. can assist as it has over thirty years of experience developing and managing its own golf properties.


For further information on these and other consulting services, please contact the following directors:

European Based Projects:

Tim Perkins
+44 1707 368750

Asian Based Projects:

Eddie Kwok
+852 2735 7295