Real Estate Sales

The real estate component of a development allows for various commercial solutions that can directly benefit the financing of a project and provide long term capital gains. Potential property buyers demand high quality and insist on people to people business relationships that are grounded in mutual trust, close collaboration and effective communications.

Palmerston is therefore the ideal partner for any such project as it has extensive expertise in real estate development spanning from site design, density and mix to the sales and marketing of various real estate products such as fractional ownership, single family homes, apartments, condominiums, private residence and destination club memberships.

Palmerston will assume an advisory role during the development phase and take responsibility for the sales and marketing of the development, along with its subsequent management.

We believe it is vital for the long-term success of a real estate development that the "total product" is delivered to the customer by one operator who is responsible for the management of the entire business under one umbrella: Palmerston provides this total solution.