The Business Model

Palmerston believes in managing and operating luxury integrated resorts with golf and real estate as well as boutique hotels under one management team and one brand. This becomes particularly important in sales and marketing as it provides product clarity to the market and the confidence and guarantee of professional service to customers and prospective buyers of real estate where applicable.

Palmerston will therefore provide Pre-opening Operational and Technical Advice Services (Technical Services) at the early stages of development to ensure that the finished product is designed for maximum efficency and profit giving the project the real competitive edge needed in today's market to ensure that the Owner's investment objectives are met.

Palmerston will consult closely with the Owner/Developer to review and agree the business model, project concept, facilities programme and the most appropriate configuration and phasing of the real estate component, when applicable. Palmerston's Technical Team will work with the appointed architects, designers and planners to ensure that the design concept is followed and the finished product is functional with high quality standards. This will include management solutions in all areas of the development resulting in the right efficiencies and functionalities.

Palmerston will take overall responsibility for the seamless management of all project facilities for purposes of operational efficiencies, economies of scale, ensuring the comfort and security of real estate owners and residents (where applicable) and long term customer satisfaction.

Palmerston's growth strategy will deliver a collection of unique properties in architecture, interior design and facilities gaining industry recognition for providing unique development, marketing and management solutions.